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Facebook twitter reddit pinterest linkedin mail. Posted in   Jun 10, 2017 A Brief Introduction to Urbit. What is Urbit? It's perhaps how you'd do computing in a post-singularity world, where computational speed and  Mar 18, 2018 A subreddit for critics of the rationalist movement since 2016.

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a hypothetical reddit or usenet-like service on urbit is an app you install, that communicates with your friends’ urbits, which are also running the app. existing social platforms can be conceived of as a relatively simple set of rules for displaying content, comments and messages; the hard part is getting everyone in one place, which For example — Currently, there are multiple places where people can publish content, such as Medium, Reddit, Facebook, Tumbler, etc. With Urbit, you can publish content through Urbit’s general-purpose publishing tool and then use 3rd party integration to publish those content on different platforms. In Urbit, there are a set, fixed number of "galaxies" (similar to subreddits in your example) that have all already been given out.

1 points. 2 months ago. Urbit, the computing platform described as a “city in the cloud” by its inventors, raised more than $200,000 in four hours through a crowdsale last week.While the crypto-space has seen many spectacular crowd-sales, some more dodgy than others, Urbit has been able to excite leading venture capitalists and executives in the space, including BitGo's Ben Davenport, 21 Inc.'s Balaji Srinivasan "Urbit ID or Urbit Ship is a decentralized addressing and public key infrastructure designed for Urbit OS," as their website puts it.

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Urbit reddit

Urbit’s radical answer to this question is that the Urbit protocol “runs on top” of the current Internet. Urbit will exist as a layer over the existing Internet software. It will manipulate that software, but will be completely separate from it.
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You'll be part of  The faithful can claim the indulgence for themselves or offer it on behalf of someone who has died. Facebook twitter reddit pinterest linkedin mail.

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Passionate about something niche? Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. Welcome to Urbit's terran outpost on Reddit! One small function for computing, one giant leap for mankind. This place was created for: People who are curious about Urbit. For suggestions and discussions on a public terran platform.

Urbit: the bold pitch för att åter decentralisera internet, överst

Reddit couldn’t have a revolution; In the next installment, we’ll look at how our own network — Urbit — measures up to these yardsticks. PS: this document is also on Urbit. Urbit only uses a blockchain as a ledger of who owns which addresses within the network and root DNS for peer discovery. The OS itself runs as a VM on your machine (either a Linux or MacOS host, for now), and that is the only place your data lives. Urbit does implement a peer-to-peer encrypted, authenticated network among these VMs. Urbit / Media Search Ctrl + / On The Brink with Castle Island - Episode 17 Christian Langalis and Logan Allen discuss Urbit with Nic Carter: its mutual benefits with Bitcoin, and why a complete rewrite of Unix and the computing stack is necessary. Urbit’s radical answer to this question is that the Urbit protocol “runs on top” of the current Internet.

Get your free account now! Mar 18, 2021 On the bleeding edge, there are efforts to bring decentralized computing to even the OS level. This is the ambitious goal of the Urbit project, a built  Dec 18, 2019 virality: super top of HN/reddit/twitter with thousands of upvotes, retweets; people I got a lot of time with some Urbit folks, which was useful. Apr 28, 2018 It turns out the ICO,, has hijacked the name of another blockchain-ish project, … which is most famous for being run by the  Mar 15, 2020 Here's a short example to give you an idea: "which subreddits I find the most interesting?" import my.reddit from collections import Counter return  Jan 12, 2021 Urbit is technically superior to all of these decentralized social media You didn't mention Lemmy the reddit like network in the Fediverse. You may fail to, or lie, and then Urbit is all a sham; or you may spend quite a lot of time doing it, at which point you wasted a variety of effort, but didn?t win anything   2020年1月2日 Universa. 35. Urbit.